Quality Carpet from Great Brands in Burleson, TX

Carpet is a popular floor covering all around the world. Whether it’s a large rug or permanently installed wall-to-wall carpet, it instantly gives a room more of a finished feel. At Elite Floors, we carry many types and colors of carpet from all the greatest brands. Come in to the store today to see it and touch it!

Carpeting comes in almost any color you can imagine, making it perfect for any room. It can be short and coarse, long and plush, or anywhere in between. The type of carpet you choose should go with the room you’re putting it in. For instance, in a living room where comfort is a high priority, you might choose a more plush option. For a high-traffic hallway, however, maybe you’d choose something a little more coarse and rugged.

Advantages of Carpeting

  • Adds comfort and a finished look to any room
  • Many brands now offer stain-resistant carpeting that’s easy to clean
  • Carpet absorbs sound, making any carpeted rooms quieter than those with hard flooring.
  • Carpet is a great solution for hiding wood flooring that’s damaged or needs work.

No matter what type you end up choosing, you’ll find the right carpet for your home at Elite Floors. We’re also ready to expertly install it for you! Give us a call today.