Ceramic-Porcelain Flooring

Ceramic Tile Flooring Store in Burleson, TX

Ceramic Tile & Porcelain Tile Flooring

In terms of design, ceramic and porcelain tiles give you some of the most freedom you’ll find in flooring. Sure, wood flooring comes in different finishes and markings, but what other flooring type allows for adding designs as varied as ceramic and porcelain tile?

With tile, you can create small checkers, big checkers, borders, diamonds – any kind of shape. Plus, these tiles come in so many different colors and designs, the choices are endless. The tiles can even be printed to look like stone!

Sometimes, the amount of choices can get a little overwhelming. If you work with flooring experts like Elite Floors, though, we can help you pick a pleasing color and design that’ll work for your space. Our Burleson, TX flooring store carries many kinds of tile. The best way to choose the one you want is to come in and see them in person.

Easy Care for Tile Flooring

Tile is really easy to care for! Once installed, it can be easily swept and mopped. Many types are also stain resistant and water-tight, so you don’t have to worry so much about spills and stains and moisture. The only hazard of tile is breakage. However, most tile nowadays is pretty sturdy – it’ll take something really heavy dropped on it in order to break. If you do have a break, the process of replacing a tile or two is pretty simple. Just make sure to keep a couple from the batch you had laid.

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