Laminate Flooring

High Quality, Durable Laminate Flooring from the Industry’s Leading Manufacturers


Laminate flooring is emerging as one of the top most sought-after flooring types for new homes and homeowners going through a remodel. At Elite Enterprises, our flooring experts can help you choose a laminate flooring solution that suits your unique needs!

Natural-Looking Wood & Stone

Laminate flooring has really evolved over the past couple of years. It used to be just a cheaper option for those who wanted wood floors without the high cost. Now, it’s made in so many different finishes and patterns that homeowners, contractors and interior designers are choosing it for its looks over natural wood flooring! It can even look like natural stone or ceramic tile.

Scratch-Resistant & Durable for Families

It can be difficult to keep wood flooring looking new. Kids toys and pets can often easily scratch a natural hardwood floor. However, laminate flooring can be made with highly durable materials, making it easier to care for than hardwood. Cleaning it is a breeze, too!

Laminate Flooring is Budget Friendly

If you’ve looked at the price of hardwood flooring, you might be going through some sticker shock. Not only is wood expensive, but it takes more time and finesse to install, making the cost a double whammy. With laminate flooring, though, it’s both made from cheaper materials and it’s easier to install. So, with laminate flooring, you can achieve a high-end look without paying a high-end price.

Should you choose laminate flooring?

While installing and caring for laminate floors is simple, choosing the right laminate brand and style can be complicated. With a vast range of quality, warranties, and other options, you’ll want to make sure you talk to an expert before choosing your flooring. Luckily, we’re laminate experts here at Elite Floors! Contact us today and we’ll answer your questions.

Laminate Flooring Installation in the DFW Area

Did you know that we can go beyond just selling you some amazing laminate flooring? Our experienced DFW flooring contractors will also install it for you!

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