Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer for Both Outside & Inside Decor

Stone veneer is an amazing product on the market today. It’s the perfect solution for when you love the look of stone, but don’t necessarily have the budget for it. Creating something out of stone takes an experienced mason, whereas installing stone veneer can be done by Elite Floors with ease!

Stone veneer is exactly what it sounds like: an outer layer that looks like stone that you attach to a surface, to make that surface look like it’s made completely of stone. Common places you’ll see stone veneer is on fireplaces, home exteriors, islands and peninsulas, feature walls, and backsplashes.

Stone veneer comes in a multitude of colors and styles. It’s much more affordable to both purchase and install than real stone, but looks just as awesome.

Interested in seeing what stone veneer would look like in your home? Contact us today!